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CARL Bungu Ryodo BR-04 Memo Pad

CARL Bungu Ryodo BR-04 Memo Pad
CARL Bungu Ryodo BR-04 Memo Pad
"Carl Bungu Ryodo" is a series of exquisite desk stationery designed with the sleek shape and connotation of the gourd. It is a brand new brand founded in 2007 by Carl Stationery Company of Japan, which has always been good at designing and manufacturing high-performance office stationery. With "Reviewing the Past and Knowing the New" as the purpose of the good stationery design, it is hoped that by integrating the essence and understanding of the beautiful Japanese traditional tea ceremony, ikebana, calligraphy, etc., modern people can "relax their muscles and bones" and "make the soul gain when using stationery and office supplies." "Tranquility" is the goal, and continuous research and development will be carried out on product modeling, material, feel and beauty. The current products include: tape table, business card organizer box, stationery tray, pencil sharpener, pen holder and note table and punching machine. Although gourd is a fruit that cannot be eaten, gourd has been cherished as a vessel and musical instrument since ancient times, because it is an instrument that makes people's lives more convenient and peaceful. "Carl Bungu Ryodo" is also developed on this basis and marked with a gourd. It is expected that users will be able to moisturize their body, mind and spirit in the busy modern life, and then have a more peaceful, stable and beautiful life. / Size: 144 x 76 x172mm Weight: 277g

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