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CF Initiation to WCol Pad 300g 30x40cm 15s

CF Initiation to WCol Pad 300g 30x40cm 15s
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CF Initiation to WCol Pad 300g 30x40cm 15s
6 PRE-DRAWN DRAWINGS: this block contains 2 sheets of each predrawn drawing as well as 3 blank sheets for you to practice. The 6 designs available are all on the theme of animals. They appear on the back of the block and can serve as an example. You are free to reproduce or reinterpret them. WATERCOLOR BLOCK: this 100% cellulose paper is natural white, obtained without optical brighteners. It is perfect for perfecting the art of painting and watercolour. Intermediate level, it is intended more for volunteer or already experienced artists. FINE GRAIN: this fine, regular grain paper is very easy to use. Its versatile surface, neither too smooth nor too marked, is suitable for a majority of techniques. FORMAT 30x40: this 1-side glued block allows you to keep your works or to easily detach them without tearing them. ACID FREE: this paper is acid free and has a neutral pH for perfect conservation of watercolours over time. The colours will keep all their shine.

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