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UHU Heavy Duty Adhesive 100g 90037580

UHU Heavy Duty Adhesive 100g 90037580
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UHU Heavy Duty Adhesive 100g 90037580
Extra strong, solvent-free assembly adhesive based on acrylic dispersion. Universal bonding. High final bonding strength. High level of initial bonding. Easy to apply. Filling. Particularly for interiors. Solvent-free. Permanently elastic ¨C 15 year warranty. Moisture resistant. Suitable for uneven surfaces. Correctable. Resistant to temperatures between -20¡ãC and +80¡ãC. Suitable for assembling all kinds of (building) materials such as wood, stone, concrete, metal, many synthetics and polystyrene foam porous onto (porous) surfaces of stone, concrete, wood, plaster, drywall, etc. Also very suitable for surface bonding, it improves the initial bond strength. Very suitable for mounting timber framework, skirting boards, doorsteps, laths (wood / plastic), panelling, window sills, ceramic tiles, construction boards, drywalls, wood strips, wall covering sheets, panels, insulation, soft and hardboard, panels, sills, nameplates , house numbers, suspension hooks, ducts, electrical outlets and electrical boxes. Also suitable for decoration materials, such as ornaments and mouldings in plaster, polyurethane and polystyrene foam.

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