Me Books Creation

Me Books Creation

ABC Animals

ABC Animals is an alphabet kid's book with exciting animals from around the world. The book is nicely arranged from A to Z. One of the really good learning to read books for kids......

City Mouse & Country Mouse

Inspired by ""The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse". As cousin Jane and Kim experience each other's world, they learn that the grass is not always greener on the other side. At the end of their trip t...

How the Boastful Fox Learnt His Lesson

Inspired by "The Boasting Traveller". A sly Fox invites his pen pal, Stork, to his home with intentions of boasting about his lavish globetrotting lifestyle. During the visit, friendly Stork become a ...

The Bear That Whispered

Inspired by "The Bear and the Two Travellers". Adventure buddies Ming and Han go on an adventure trail that will change their friendship forever. The duo's friendship is put to the test when they come...

The Boy Who Cried Snow Leopard

Inspired by ""The Boy Who Cried Wolf". In a small village nestled on the highlands lives a curious shepherd boy named Bashant who enjoys playing tricks on the villagers. However, one day, the conseque...

The Crow and Her Colourful Feathers

Inspired by ""The Fox & The Crow". Growing up in psychedelic world of birds where beauty is defined by appearance, Cara, the young crow, goes on a journey that will help her discover her true self. As...

The Hardworking Farmer and the Forces of the Sky

Inspired by ""The North Wind & The Sun"". As one challenges the other to prove its power and existence, the forces of the sky learn the importance of teamwork. In a war between Sun and Wind, the force...

The Lion and the Mouse Deer

Inspired by ""The Hare and the Tortoise". The Lion and the Mouse Deer is about perseverance in the face of uncertainty and determination when things look bleak, including the age-old moral that spans ...

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