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Atom & The Dot

Make your own printing plate to print anything! We’ve included some templates for inspiration. You can even write your name in ancient Greek. Each Mini Box comes with: Materials and instructions to make your own printing plate. A Playbook with additional activities and trivia about the evolution o..
RM 45.00
Find out why some bacteria are The Good Guys in a fun Digestion Board Game. You’ll never look at vegetables the same way again. Each Mini Box comes with: Materials and instructions for a Digestion Board Game. A Playbook with trivia on microbes and our digestive system...
RM 45.00
Learn all about the planets in our Solar System in a board game. Each Mini Box comes with: Materials and instructions to your own Solar System board game. 3D planets, dice and board filled with solar system trivia included. A Playbook with additional activities and trivia about our solar system, gra..
RM 45.00
Learn all about the metal with a personality. Find out how attractive the magnet is and the Science behind the saying, “opposites attract”. You’ll receive a booklet introducing the powerful magnet. There’ll be instructions for the activities and you’ll also get the materials and ingredient..
RM 100.00
Time to discover the metal with a personality – MAGNETS. We just can’t help but be attracted to them. My Little Magnet Box is a good introduction for your little one to the powerful magnet! You’ll receive instructions and materials for 2 hands-on activities. Activity 1 : Am I Magnetic? Find ou..
RM 55.00
Light Up The City is a story book with a twist! Filled with mystery and intrigue. Also comes with materials and activities to keep your child occupied. Each set includes: Light Up The City Story & Activity Book, Neon Colours, Fluorescent Stickers & Black Light Filter..
RM 39.00
Christmas is nearly here but the presents are missing. Find out who stole the presents and where they?re hidden. Time for some mystery and intrigue! This Christmas-themed board game teaches kids to observe, ask questions and eliminate options in a fun way...
RM 45.00
Light is a tricky little thing. Did you know it can bounce of reflective surfaces? Learn about the reflection of light. Then use some mirrors to make a spy cam...
RM 60.00
There’s so much magic in film and cinema. It’s time to learn how to recreate some of that magic. Make your own 3D glasses, a super simple sticker flipbook and a HOLOGRAM. Popcorn ..
RM 100.00
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