ATOM & THE DOT A Magnetic Personality (V2)

Learn all about the metal with a personality. Find out how attractive the magnet is and the Science behind the saying, “opposites attract? You’ll receive a booklet introducing the powerful magnet. T...

ATOM & THE DOT Light Up The City Story & Activity

Light Up The City is a story book with a twist! Filled with mystery and intrigue. Also comes with materials and activities to keep your child occupied. Each set includes: Light Up The City Story & Act...

ATOM & THE DOT Mixing Magic (V2)

Watch chemical reactions work its magic. YouÂ’ll receive a booklet to make colours disappear, turn glue into slime and blow up balloons. ThereÂ’ll be instructions for the activities and youÂ’ll also g...

ATOM & THE DOT Sink,Float or Walk on Water

Have you wondered why some things float or sink? Find out who can walk on water and how. Stack colours to make a rainbow in a jar, get artsy with water marbling and have so much fun with a bubble blow...

AVM Anigram Insects

Combine shapes and colours, reproduce the models offered or give free rein to your imagination. Anagram invites young and old to discover or invent insects! Contains: 59 pieces of 2.25 mm cardboard, 1...

AVM Card Games 7 Families, Endangered Animals

Pandas, seals, rhinoceros... Discover these endangered animals and be the fastest to reconstruct families!.....

AVM Card Games Battle Speed

It¡¯s the battle of animals! Who will be the fastest ? Collect the eagles, gazelles or others to win the game. But pay attention to the twist, a leg in plaster arrives suddenly!.....

AVM Card Games Dinoptura

Become the best hunter of dinosaurs by capturing the most!.....

AVM Card Games Emotwins

During the clown¡¯s birthday, 23 brothers and sisters have been mixed. But will the players find them? A clue: in addition to a strong resemblance, they express the same emotion!.....

AVM Card Games Filoup

It¡¯s time for small chaperones to visit their grandmother. They filled their shopping baskets. But bad luck, wolves followed them and slipped into their basket ... We¡¯ll have to try to get rid o...

AVM Card Games Fourmill

Ants are very greedy. As soon as a picnic is organised, they come to steal all the sweets. To be elected king or queen of the picnic, each player needs to be the fastest to put all his ants and thus h...

AVM Card Games Happy Families

Rediscover this classic! Car, plane, boat...Have fun on the theme of means of transport and be the fastest to reconstruct families!.....

AVM Card Games Kemps

The funniest team¡¯s card games! Gather the 4 images of your character and indicate your partner to yells "Kemps"! But be careful, the others must not discover your sign!.....

AVM Card Games Lookcat

Cats stormed the appartment and snuck in every room. Will you be the first to find them?.....

AVM Card Games Memory Opposites

Sun/Moon, front/back...Find the most opposite cards and win the game!.....

AVM Card Games Mini Buggies

Be the frst to gather a family of insects, mini-buggies. But beware of carnivorous plants that roam and invade the gardens looking for mini-buggies!.....

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