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Brand: KOKUYO Japan
Refill for Kokuyo's Dotliner Standard..
RM 16.90
Brand: KOKUYO Japan
Kokuyo's widely popular permanent adhesive - the Dotliner - is a no-mess adhesive, perfect for scrapbooking, gift wrapping, envelopes, and other paper projects. Glue is still visible after application (so you can adhere your materials accurately) - but dries clear...
RM 23.90
KOKUYO GLOO Restick Glue Tape 7mmx8m
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Brand: KOKUYO Japan
Designed by renowned Japanese design firm Nendo, Kokuyo's range of GLOO adhesives are revolutionary both in practicality and aesthetics. Restickable glue tape that allows you to glue things neatly and without wrinkling the paper. Roller tip with a cap that locks close when not in use...
RM 18.90
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