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Empathy Game: Start Conversations with a dice Empathy Game: Start Conversations with a dice
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Do you want to go beyond small talk with colleagues, friends, family, or strangers? This is your game to truly connect with people. Imagine a red car, I'll do the same. Now describe it to me. No red car would ever be the same. No thought, or story ever is. We listen. We might smile. We nod. But, do ..
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Shake, stir - or shuffle? Step up to the bar and order your favorite drinks in this cheerful game of cocktails.Collect illustrated cards of 52 iconic drinks and group them into sets of four to win. The cards you must group together include the following categories: 80s & 90s cocktails, brunch cockta..
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Thor. Gandhi. Hitler. If you had to f*ck one, marry another, and kill the last, what would you choose? What if Hitler could grant magic wishes? Making the choice is tough but hilarious in this spin on the classic party game with weird and sidesplitting twists! In a poppy and portable package, FMK in..
RM 90.00
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