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... in all its meaning reflects the traditional family-run business principles. "Czip" means the gathering of the certain few coming together in unit which is reflected in the tightly knit family unit. But unity comes to naught without strength, which is why... "Lee" means endurance, strength and vision.

(Original drawings of our stores in Kajang and Bangsar, Malaysia by @gladsimpson_art)

At CzipLee, we are family. And we're here to meet your needs. And because we're family, you'll be getting our best prices on our wide range of Books and Stationery. Whether it's something ordinary or extraordinary, experience a taste of our family-styled service, our version of a neighbourhood books and stationery, ONLINE via CzipLee Online- to cater to our ever-growing out-of-town and international customer needs. And the best part about our online store, is that we will only carry a curated range of products, carefully chosen for you!
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