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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)
1. Help! The checkout screen shows “no shipping options available”, or “no payment options available”.
This error usually appears when your shipping or billing details are not fully entered into the system. All addresses must have the
postcode, state, and country filled in.

To update your billing or shipping address on the web store head to “
My Account” and select “Modify Your Address Book Entries”.
To update your billing or shipping address on the CzipFam app, tap “edit shipping address” on the top right of the section, then tap
little pencil icon.
If you can’t update your address or the problem persists, drop us an email at [email protected] or Whatsapp us at +60122191559.
2. I’ve placed an order on CzipLite but the confirmation email I received shows that my order is cancelled.
What’s happening?
Due to payment gateway authentication issues, sometimes orders received by our system show a “Cancelled” status. But fret not - as long
as your payment went through, your order would have been fully received in our backend. Our online team vets through every order and
will process them accordingly.
3. I’ve placed an order for store pick-up and I’d like to come and collect my order in 10 or 15 minutes’ time.
Orders cannot be picked up immediately right after it has been placed. Pick-up orders require a
minimum of one working hour to process as our team is processing shipping and same day delivery
orders at the same time.
4. I have an online store credit code or online gift card, but it’s not working.
To use your online store credit code or online gift card, the code should be applied upon checkout at the “Use Gift Card or Credit Code
section. In order for the credit code to work, make sure your purchase amount is higher than the credit amount as our payment gateway
services cannot process zero payment or negative payment transactions.

If your code still does not work despite applying it to the correct field, drop us an email at
[email protected] so the online team can help to
5. I’m a CzipFam member but I’m not seeing any discounts on CzipLite.
To view discounts, log in to CzipLite using your CzipFam email and password login. Discounts will automatically show once you’ve logged in!
6. Can I use my CzipFam app vouchers for online purchases?
Sure you can! To convert the app vouchers to online store credit, just drop us an email at [email protected] with the following information:

- Screenshot of your member barcode;
- Screenshot of your voucher(s) barcode;
- Let us know what denomination of credit value you’d like to convert to;
- Let us know which online store you want to use the store credit at - CzipLite Bangsar or CzipLite Southkey
Vouchers retain their original expiry date after conversion to online store credit so don’t worry, these rewards aren’t going anywhere!

Do take note that voucher conversion requests will only be processed during
working hours (Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm).
Any requests received outside of these hours will be processed on the next working day.
7. Do I get to accumulate stamps on my CzipFam app if I purchase online?
Yes you do! Your CzipFam app is synced to your email login so if you purchase on CzipLite, your order will automatically accumulate stamps
based on the purchase total. This process is automated so you do not need to enter your member barcode at any point during checkout.
8. I’ve placed an order and my purchase amount entitles me to a stamp, but my stamps aren’t reflected in
the CzipFam app. What should I do?
Stamps usually take one (1) working day to reflect in your CzipFam app, but if you’ve waited for a few days and the stamps still don’t show,
do drop us an email at
[email protected] or Whatsapp us at +60122191559.