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Welcome to CzipFam! Its short of “CzipFamily”, and it’s where we give your family special perks.

With the CzipFam app, you’ll also be the first to know about special store promotions, and
exclusive events (such as open days!) for our Bangsar and Southkey store.

Shop with us and enjoy perks!
Stay updated with events and promotions.

What is CzipFam?

Our CzipFam app is a shopping portal and loyalty card all rolled into one! Shop with the app to get
exclusive discounts, and collect points from your purchases. Use your points to redeem cash rebates
and special vouchers! Plus you’ll gain access to store happenings before everyone else… ;)

How do I collect points?

Just flash your barcode at the cashier counter when paying for your purchase. Our friendly cashier
will scan your code to ensure your points get credited to you.

Every RM1 spent equals 1 point earned. Your points are collected from both in-store and online purchases. Points are automatically credited when you spend online with us.

Want to see how many points you’ve already accumulated? You can view your points under the
‘Card’ tab in the app.

What do I do with my points?

Glad you asked! Your points have monetary value and can be used to redeem cool stuff like instant
cash rebates (both in-store and online) and discount vouchers! Simply visit the Rewards Catalogue
under the ‘Card’ tab to view ongoing specials available to redeem using your points.*

*Please note that discount vouchers can only be used for in-store purchases and not for online purchases.

How do I use my points for online shopping?

Sounds like you’re ready to checkout! There are two ways to enjoy your points

1. Redeem points directly from checkout. View your cart and tap the “Point Redemption” drop
down. You will then be redirected to a catalogue to redeem instant cash rebates with your existing

2. Apply existing vouchers. If you already possess a voucher and would like to use it, tap “apply voucher” and select the voucher you’d like to redeem for that transaction.

For the full terms and conditions of the app and rewards systems, you can view our Terms & Conditions policy under the profile tab.